Big Bang
Big Bang!

Spring and the wild force of nature. Flowers that put on make-up. Fruits bursting with sugars and juices, colors and seeds, inviting us to devour them without regard or compassion. Hormones that start a race, to life or death, that collide and explode, like protons and electrons. Quarks and muons, which are born and annihilated, billions of times per second. And so the quantum balance of life is maintained. Mutant, fleeting, chaotic, explosive.


Premiered at Festival Píndoles 2020, September 6th. On tour #circuitpindoles #bigbang

Un Petit Príncep


This new adaptation of Saint-Exupéry's classic, with original music by Marco Mezquida, is aimed at an all-ages audience, putting forward the different layers of meaning and significance that have always characterized this classic of the universal literature, with a contemporary, full of fun, deep and thoughtful version.


Presented at the Sanctuary of The Miracle, on the 9th of August 2020.

Premiered at Sant Jeroni de la Murtra on the 26th of September 2020.


A dystopian future is portrayed in Elysium. This future sees a world where the seas are rapidly rising, the moon is cracked, and the leading technology is coming from a planetary travel company. Not only have the stars been conquered but now, those who can afford it can create their own endless holiday/life by transferring to a world of their making based on a detailed map of one’s conscious and subconscious mind. 


Presented within the VII Cicle de Lectures Dramatitzades, organized by AADPC, AISGE and Fundació Romea at Teatre Romea (Barcelona, July 2019).

Partícules Paral·leles

Partícules Paral·leles is a play formed by three stories linked together around one underlying subject: the exploration of human relationships in the 21st century. New social forms, new family models, and the frenziness surrounding and permeating our lives leads us to adopting new structures that call for tought and reflection.

Premiered at nunOff Festival (Barcelona, June 2019).

Presented at Pedra Viva Festival (Menorca, August 2019). "Best-performance award for Andy Fukutome and Rina Ota."

Season at Dau al Sec (Barcelona, March, June, and July 2020).


25th Barcelona Theatre Festival Best Show Award (Barcelona, October 2020).

Strawberry Frappuccino

Sara and Nil are two teenagers. They follow each other on Instagram although they have never met before in real life. This anonymity allows them to share things that perhaps they wouldn't say face to face.


Premiered at Al Forat Festival (Barcelona, April 2019).

On tour in Catalonia (theatres and schools). See the agenda for new dates.

Part of and Testimoni Escènic.


From the end of the 18th century and for a period of nearly 100 years, the Japanese developed the sugar cane industry of south Taiwan, leaving behind architecture, habits, economic development, and exploitation of the local community.


Ripples reenacts the life of the former Tsung-Yeh Sugar Factory, today transformed into the Tsung-Yeh Arts & Cultural Centre. 

Premiered at Tsung-Yeh Arts & Cultural Centre of Tainan City, (Taiwan, June 2018).

A New Beginning

A New Beginning tells the story of a group of astronauts who left planet Earth in search of a new home where humans could settle in the future, once acknowledged the fragile situation of our planet and its likely irreversible breakdown. 

Premiered at the nunOff Festival (Barcelona, July 2017).

Presented at the Rêves d'abant l'Aube Festival (Paris, July 2017).

A Little Prince

With a talented international team from South-Africa, Australia, Spain, and the UK, this musical theatre production presents a thoughtful and magical insight into this world-known story, addressing its layers of thought and emotion with a modern, subtle and poetic show.


Premiered and nominated as Best Musical Show at the Brighton Fringe Festival (Brighton, May 2016), and seen at the Ludlow Fringe Festival (Ludlow, June 2016).