Tsunami is the first story of Partícules Paral·leles.

Company ideal is the second story of Partícules Paral·leles.

Strawberry Frappuccino is the last story of Partícules Paral·leles.



Partícules Paral·leles is a play formed by three stories linked together around one underlying subject: the exploration of human relationships in the 21st century. New social forms, new family models, and the frenziness surrounding and permeating our lives leads us to adopting new structures that call for tought and reflection.

The title references a phenomenon discovered by Albert Einstein and called quantum entanglement, which states that two particles located in faraway positions in the Universe can develop a parallel behaviour (that is, a stimulus applied to one can have an effect in the other). This observed but yet unexplained phenomenon is one of the great marvels that puzzles scientists today.

Premiered at nunOff Festival (Barcelona) and Pedra Viva Festival (Menorca) in 2019). Season at Dau al Sec (Barcelona, 2020). On tour.

25th Barcelona Theatre Festival Best Show Award.

Partícules Paral·leles cartell 2021-low.
Creative Team

Dramaturgy & Direction  Ivan Andrade

Stage & Sound Design  Ivan Andrade

Photo & Video  Clara Bes

Software Design  Alexandre Dupuis

Technician  Àlex Gilabert

Production & Distribution  Clara Bes


Peter  Xavi Alvarez

Company Ideal  Nil Coral

Mr. Nishida  Andy Fukutome

Ms. Tanazaki   Rina Ota


Sara  Natàlia Mas

Nil  Jaume Llagostera

Thanks to

Joan Taltavull

Stefán Halldórsson

Maria Calderó

Carles Goñi

Joana Castellano

Roser Alomar

Sabine Dufrenoy

Abel Nevot

Ignasi Castañé

La niña bonita

Nau Ivanow

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