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We are a small, ambitious and hardworking ensemble producing theatre about what it is to be alive today. We believe theatre emerged as a ritual of embodiment; an event aimed at delivering some knowledge not in a descriptive way but in an experiential, transcendental way. As a company, we invest a lot in researching body-to-body communication, developing work that truly touches the audience, as we believe this is an essential and singular value of theatre.


We engage this ethos in two ways: artistic creation + research in the fields of actor's training, embodied performance, and ethics and creativity. We have systematised our working process into a discipline called The Conscious Body, which has enabled us to teach in places such as the UK, France, Canada, Taiwan, or Australia.

In the 60s, visionaries such as Asimov, Bradbury, K. Dick envisioned a future in which machines would dominate humanity. We feel it is us who are surrending to machines by giving in the power of decision, abandoning our intuition, slowly forgetting the qualities that singled out human beings —empathy, love, compassion—, thus becoming machines ourselves.

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