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Un Nou Inici

The Kruskal-Szekeres coordinates define the topological space around a black hole using four variables that let us predict the behaviour of any object within its gravitational space, but not beyond its event horizon. Any object or electromagnetic radiation that trespasses this frontier vanishes, swollen by the point of singularity or time-space pledge. Nonetheless, from the point of view of an observer, an object that would aim to trespass this point of no return would remain eternally floating, never reaching it. The closest black hole to our planet is located in the center of the Milky Way and has a mass over 1500 billion times that of the Earth.



A New Beginning tells the story of a group of astronauts who left planet Earth in search of a new home where humans could settle in the future, once acknowledged the fragile situation of our planet and its likely irreversible breakdown. Surprisingly, this crew finds a new planet that we could potentially inhabit. However, when they come back to Earth to spread the great news, they understand that it's too late.

Project in-residence at Nau Ivanow (December, 2015).

Creative Team

Dramaturgy, Direction & Choreography  Ivan Andrade
Original Music  Marco Mezquida

Visuals  Alexandre Dupuis

Sound & Stage Design  Ivan Andrade

Photo & Video  Clara Bes

Piano  Marco Mezquida

Trumpet  Fèlix Rossy

Production   Clara Bes


Andreu Badii
Anna Garreta
Lidia Moraño
Quim Vilagran
Annick Weerts

Thanks to

Oriol Escursell, Marion Giner, Joana Olasagasti, Katia Coser, Guille Vidal-Ribas, María Araujo, Ignasi Camprodon, nunArt, Nau Ivanow, Atresbandes, Sala Beckett​

Songs Sample
Nou Món
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