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Strawberry Frappuccino

Strawberry Frappuccino is the final piece that closes the trilogy Partícules Paral·leles, dealing with the impact of technology in our contemporary way of life. 

Sara and Nil are two teenagers. They follow each other on Instagram although they have never met before in real life. This anonymity allows them to share things that perhaps they wouldn't say face to face. Nil makes the best use of this anonymity to share certain issues he has and some personal doubts. Finally, he confesses that he is being cyber-bullied by a classmate. This is forcing him to consider some drastic measures that put Sara in a state of deep-worry.​​


Part of, Testimoni Escènic and Circuito Audaces.

Production currently on tour.

On Tour

Cicle Al Forat (Barcelona), Escola Proa (Barcelona), Teatre d'Avinyó, La Sala Teatre (L'Ametlla del Vallès), Fàbrica Vella (Sallent), Teatre El Catllar, Els Carlins (Manresa), Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru (Barcelona), Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Teatre Auditori (Sant Jaume d'Enveja), Centre Cívic Can Clariana Cultural (Barcelona), Teatre Auditori Casal Riudomenc (Riudoms), Teatre Els Til·lers (Sort), Escola Maristes (Rubí), Escola Suïssa (Barcelona), Teatre Orfeó Montsià (Ulldecona), Teatre de Blanes, Sala El Torín (Olot), Sala Polivalent de l'Ajuntament (Miami Platja), Casa de Cultura (Llançà), Sala Padró (Cornellà de Llobregat), Patronat Parroquial d'Esparreguera, Casal de Cultura (Matadepera), Teatre Casal Agramuntí (Agramunt), Teatre Casal Francesc Macià (Centelles), Sala Roser Carrau (Vilassar de Mar), Espacio La Granja (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), Teatro Villa de Molina (Murcia).

Creative Team

Dramaturgy & Direction  Ivan Andrade

Software Design  Alexandre Dupuis

Sound Design  Ivan Andrade

Photo  Oscar Perales

Video  Clara Bes

Production & Distribution  Clara Bes

Thanks to

Sara  Ester Boquer

Nil  Dídac Calpe

Maria Calderó, Stefán Halldorssón​, Joana Castellano, Jaume Llagostera, Natàlia Mas,  Jan Mediavilla​, Núria SalesCal Gras Artist Residency, Testimoni Escènic, OSIC

Supported by:
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