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Audience's Review.

Audience's Review.

Audience's Review.

The Best Show 
You Will Ever See
On Catalan Stages

How difficult is it today to put a show in a professional theatre venue in Barcelona? What costs does a company have to face when wanting to produce an independent project? What turnover can be expected from it? How do the young (and not so young) manage to pay the current cost of living in a city like Barcelona while maintaining a creative commitment?​

Cris, Jordi, and Xavi are roommates and partners in an independent theater company. It's been seven years since they premiered the first show but they haven't managed to get out of the precarity in which 90% of such companies live. Now, everything could change. Cris has just won the Born Theater Award with her new work which might open the door of the big venues.

​We will learn about the unsuccessful attempts of these three (not so) young people to get a production up and running that, a priori, seems to count on everything success requires. However, the economic, political, and social situation of the country does not help them to achieve their aims.


A real tragedy that —it couldn’t be done otherwise— will be harnessed with large doses of comedy, wit, criticism... and hope. Always, hope!

Premiered at Dau al Sec on November 29th, 2023 (Barcelona).

La Millor cartell final.jpg

Misery and shame of a precarious, independent and very professional theatre company. Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Creative Team

Dramaturgy & Direction  Ivan Andrade

Original Music  Joan Vallcorba

Software Design  Alexandre Dupuis

Stage & Sound Design  Ivan Andrade

Image & Executive production  Clara Bes

Illustrations  Marc Torrecillas


Xavi  Xavier Alomà

Jordi  Jordi Ciurana

Cristina  Cristina Terzi

Special Collaborations  

Andy Fukutome Rina Ota

Thanks to

Dau al Sec Arts Escèniques, OSIC,

Can Clariana Cultural, Casa Orlandai,

Basque Performing Arts, ICEC,

Moritz, Frooty, Forn Fortino, Vestuariteca



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