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The water is warmed by the sun, 

turns into mist, vapour, and clouds,

condenses, cools down, pours back onto Earth,

feeds seas and rivers, oceans and lakes.

The land remains.


Seeds sprout and grow into plants.

Trees become forests, forests get hacked.

Woodlands get burned and grow back again.

The land remains.


From the end of the 18th century and for a period of nearly 100 years, the Japanese developed the sugar cane industry of south Taiwan, leaving behind architecture, habits, economic development, and exploitation of the local community.


Ripples reenacts the life of the former Tsung-Yeh Sugar Factory, today transformed into the Tsung-Yeh Arts & Cultural Centre.

Work commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Government of Tainan City, Taiwan.

ripples-A1-Amateurs còpia.jpg

Children are born, they turn into men,

grow into soldiers, mothers, and dads,

soon to decline, eventually, die.

The land remains.


The land remains, holding men straight.

The land remains as soil for life to emerge.

The land remains and keeps water in place.

And all before our eyes that seemed to

forever last 

vanishes and becomes a ripple of the past.

Creative Team

Concept, Direction & Choreography​   Ivan Andrade
Image  Clara Bes


Production   Maggie Pan

Interpreter  Elm Owen


王士賓  方怡婷   張淨涵   邱泓予 朱英韶   于英如  王云禧  

陳俊維 王慧婷   唐心榆   顏汝倩   張盈盈   李坤運   李鈺婷  

王庭妤   黃琬尹 林哲毅   曹佑蔆 陳君倩   連郁慈 蘇玉蘭  

蘇鈺茹   張秀曼   鄭伊伶   王詠晴 林采霓   陳瑞婷

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