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Three micro-shows to understand youngsters today and the world we’re in

MicroJove is the company's new launch aimed at bringing culture and theater closer to schools and colleges in Catalonia. It consists of three micro-shows that will shake the state of restlessness and lack of motivation many young people suffer today and remind them that the present and, most of all, the future are waiting on them.

Cartell Big Bang 2023.jpg
Cartell La Píndola 2023.jpg

The production consists of showcasing these pieces each in a different space of the school so that they can be seen by each group class independently, on a rotating basis. After the three shows, the students are invited to a post-function debate in which the different topics will be discussed, together with the relevance of culture and artistic practice to stay motivated, active, and engaged in the world that surrounds us.

Two of these plays (The Pill and Alien Invasion) are also available in English so that the young and not-so-young can expand their knowledge of a language essential to projecting ourselves in this 21st century.

For more information, check the dossiers of  Big BangThe Pill, or our Educational Program, with plenty of suggestions to get the most out of this experience.

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