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Invasió Extraterrestre

We are experiencing a singular and unique shift in human history. Most people minimize the impact of new technologies by comparing them to previous technological revolutions (such as the Industrial Revolution, the appearance of the automobile, television, or the Internet). But mobile phones, social networks, and artificial intelligence are a turning point in our lives because reality has ceased to exist in the physical world to take center stage in a virtual one.


This virtual world is a delirious one for our senses; an inexhaustible source of stimuli, distractions, and surprises that capture and fragment our attention. In return, our capacity for concentration, depth, analysis, and creativity is undermined. And, with that, other human qualities —attention, empathy, tolerance, and resilience— that will prove essential to face the challenges of today's society.


With this play, we want to talk about the obsession and anxiety this trio of the apocalypse (mobile phones, social networks, and AI) generates, especially among the youngest ones, who have been born with a mobile phone in their hands and have grown accostumed to escape at any time from the increasingly complex reality with just a click. A reality that, sooner or later, will demand our attention or disappear under our feet.

Absolute premiere, course 23/24.

INVASIÓ EXTRA VT cartell.jpg
Creative Team

Dramaturgy & Direction  Ivan Andrade
Design  Clara Bes


Mireia Federico

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