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A Trillion Stars 
Are Moving Infinitely 
Away From Us

What is the purpose of life today, built on continuous effort, directed towards infinite progress, and based on eminently material values such as money, possessions, or aesthetics?

Oriol is an astrobiologist who tries to understand the meaning of life by looking for its existence on other planets. Eva learns to relate to her students in an educational environment much more hostile than she dreamed of leading when she was just a child. Bru, the son of both, tries to find a balance between the different universes he inhabits: the imaginary, full of adventure and discovery, which he visits with his father on his intergalactic journeys; and the real one, where mum insists on holding him, reminding him of the responsibilities, challenges and difficulties of a life that no longer leaves time for gaping or dreaming.

An adventure that starts from a family crisis and moves towards a global crisis, putting on the table questions that should be part of the debate that allows us to question, think and decide the social and technological ecosystem we want for ourselves and our children.

A journey to the ends of the Universe to understand the value of the important, simple, and everyday things that surround us.


Premiere Premiere at the Tantarantana Theater on May 15th, 2024 (Barcelona).

Creative Team

Dramaturgy & Direction  Ivan Andrade

Original Music  Marco Mezquida


Set Design  Roger Orra

Image & Executive production  Clara Bes



Oriol  Ignasi Guasch

Eva  Míriam Marcet

Bru  Biel Pagès / Ot Prat / Max Villarrasa

Thanks to

Tantarantana Theater

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