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Holistic Homeostasis

The Holistic Homeostasis Technique observes your body and your experience as one same thing, interconnected and codepedent. That is why we address tension, pain, anxiety or any other kind of unbalance tackling your physical, emotional and psychological state. Analyzing and understanding this connectedness. Our aim will always be a global, non-transient recovery that allows you to move towards a state of health, wellbeing, energy and confidence, progressive and stable in your life.

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1. Tension

The body reflects the emotional and mental states of a person. If we are worried, stressed or scared, the body becomes tense and will inevitably show this tension. If we feel calmed, confident, quiet, the body will relax and become present, attractive, surprising and poetic in its movement and responses to the environment.


The body is an invaluable and unique path to work with any aspect of the person. A relaxed body will allow you to easily access your full physical and emotional potential in anything you do.


In our first session, you will learn how to deeply relax your body and the great implications this has at both mental and emotional levels. 

2. Reactions

In front of a challenge, the body naturally grows tense. The mind speeds up. Our attention may get partially or totally paralized with beliefs, conclusions and expectations about ourselves. Fear floods us.


In our second meeting, we will investigate this phenomenon that we will call reaction. We will work with reactions we feel in our daily life by identifying the set of tensions, beliefs, and emotions these reactions are made of. Then, we will choose a major reaction that limits us in our life and learn how to stop it.


Stopping a reaction will allow you to release not only the physical tensions associated to it, but also the emotions, beliefs, and limitations in your perception that come with this reaction.


Stopping a reaction brings a sensation similar to dropping a weight off your shoulders: all the energy invested in holding the reaction is freed up. The body recovers its true, original lightness, creativity and perceptive potential. A new spectrum of possibilities open up that you might not even be aware of.

3. Attention

One of the most relevant somatic functions that determine who we are and how we act is our attention. A high level of attention will allow me to perceive, from moment to moment, every new stimulus or change in my environment with subtlety and accuracy.

Non-unified attention will dilute your energy into different objects that often become obstacles in your personal or professional life: self-observation, critique, and self-consciousness. Non-unified attention becomes evident in the level of presence of the person, in the emotional depth she is able to reach, as well as in his ability to adapt quickly and creatively to changes in the environment.

4. The Conscious Body

In the West, we often associate consciousness with a function or a phenomenon that emerges in our mind. However, when we pay attention to many situations of our life, we realize that we know many things without even thinking about them —sometimes, before we can even truly figure out its parts or significance. This is what is commonly called intuition, gut or embodied knowledge.


In advanced sessions, we will explore the body’s ability to perceive and understand its environment. We will explore the hypothesis that the body may be aware of its own existence beyond the intervention of the mind. The aim will be no other than to gain confidence and experience in the use of an ability, intuition, that we all have and that will open the door to a life of extraordinary sensitivity and efficiency.


Becoming aware of the body’s consciousness will help us to leave behind the mind control, allow uncertainty, and access the full perceptive and sensitive potential of our holistic being. Grasping this potential will allow us to go deep into the realm of creativity, taking the first steps to a new and surprising kind of life, full of satisfaction, both for you and the people around.

My name is Ivan Andrade

I'm a Qualified Professional of the Grinberg Method and a Vipassana Meditation Practitioner.


After more than 20 years of professional experience as an actor and a therapist, working and learning from people and professionals on all five continents, I founded The Conscious Body Project, which aims at teaching people how to reconnect with their true selves through their bodies to live, again, a meaningful life full of health, wellbeing, and purpose.

I also teach actors and people interested in engaging creativity in their lives how to embrace fear as a natural experience in order to find new ways of being, expressing, and finding a truer and greater version of yourself.

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