A dystopian future is portrayed in Elysium. This future sees a world where the seas are rapidly rising, the moon is cracked, and the leading technology is coming from a planetary travel company. Not only have the stars been conquered but now, those who can afford it can create their own endless holiday/life by transferring to a world of their making based on a detailed map of one’s conscious and subconscious mind. 


The play follows the journey of Kelly, as she explores love and family in an eternally happy world. Her story contrasts with that of Georgina, who lives in the real world, with a heart condition that her father is desperate to solve. Mark, the Head Systems Engineer at the travel company struggles with his conscience and many of the decisions being taken in the business he helped build. 


As the world hurtles towards catastrophe, the only people who seem to be guaranteed safety are the 0.01% who can afford the privilege. As we face the destruction of the planet, we are suddenly thrown into a different reality: what we have seen in act one, is not real at all – it is just three differing visions of Elysium from Mark, Georgia and Kelly – three lucky winners who are the first to experience this new out of body experience… which happens to be a nightmare.

Elysium was presented within the VII Cicle de Lectures Dramatitzades organized by AADPC, AISGE and Fundació Romea


This project is yet unproduced and remains open to invitations, collaborations, and production associates.

Creative Team

Dramaturgy & Direction  Ivan Andrade
Image & Design  Clara Bes

Sound Design  Ivan Andrade

Sound Effects  Martí Fabregat


Kelly  Anna Mestre

Natt  Albert Triola

Georgina  Sílvia Siles

Father & Jonathan  David Planas

Mark  Pol Hermoso

Janice  Bàrbara Nicolau

Thanks to

Mingo Ràfols

Can Serrat Artist Residency

Associació d'Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya

Fundació AISGE

Fundació Romea