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Clara Bes is a pianist and composer with a degree from the Barcelona Conservatoire of Music (2000). She also holds a degree in Instrument Pedagogy from the School of Music of Catalonia ESMUC (2002). 


As a visual artist, Clara earned a degree in Editing and Sound at the Catalan Centre for the Studies of Cinematography CECC (2005). She then became a professional photographer specialized in dance photography. Her stills capture  dancers from all around the world with great sensitivity and have been exhibited in galleries and performance spaces from Barcelona, such as Taller22, Cotxeres Borrell, and Círcol Maldà


Clara is also co-founder and co-director of the independent artistic space nunArt, where she is responsible for all the graphic, photographic and video content of all the artistic practice this place hosts —including their summer festival nunOff— since 2008.